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The TMF Professionals

SOL CLINICAL Research Consulting is a leader in Trial Master File (TMF) document management services and solutions for the life sciences industry.

We at Sol Clinical support sponsors and CROs with their project management needs. Our expertise lies in managing the eTMF using state of the art content management platforms and handle the trail documents.

Our established Quality is built on the latest industry guidance and implemented to our highest quality standards, leveraging best practices and years of experience.

At Sol clinical we believe in adopting proactive planning, maximizing output through innovation and technology, ensuring open communication, clear delineation of responsibilities and close collaboration with our clients.

Our experts can support your TMF strategies in numerous ways, learn more.


Functional Service  Provider.

Streamline your clinical trial operations and enhance quality by adopting an "a-la-carte" strategy. Outsource only the necessary components of your trial content management to reduce resource burdens while maintaining excellence.

Document Quality Control

Ensure superior document QC standards by using expert QC services for some or all of your TMF documents and files.  

AI-powered TMF quality Control

Implement a cycle of Quality Control that continuously monitors the condition of your TMF.

Process Development

Develop a foundation of sustainable SOPs, work instructions, and processes to ensure that your TMF can be complete, accurate, and inspection ready at all times.

TMF Selection & Implementation

Which eTMF solution is right for you? Ensure an orderly transition with a stable foundation of detailed processes, whether transitioning from paper or between two eTMF systems.


TMF Reference Model Implementation

As TMF Reference Model Subject Matter Experts, Sol Clinical TMF Professionals specialize in indexing documents within the TMF Reference Model framework. Sol Clinical can work with your team to develop a complete TMF ‘Table of Contents’ that will establish clear expectations across your organization.


Document Filing &

Eliminate document handling latency by engaging Sol Clinical team of TMF professionals to ensure your TMF is inspection ready upon closeout.


Training & Stakeholder Engagement

Training and Stakeholder Engagement are the cornerstones of every optimally functioning TMF department. Sol Clinical accredited and non-accredited training programs can re-energize teams and help instill a refreshing new perspective on TMF accountability.

Analytics To Give Powerful and Actionable Insights

Assess the completeness and quality of your TMF with powerful metrics and actionable insights.


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